Top Tips for Boosting your UCAS Application!

25 January 2018
It’s important to remember whilst at college that if your goal is to get into uni, you might need more than just good grades! You’ll be competing with students across the country who may have the same expected grades, so a jam-packed UCAS application will help you stand out from the crowd!

Get relevant work experience

Universities love this. Getting work experience that’s related to the course you’re applying for shows them you’re serious about it, have drive and are self-motivated. Middlesbrough College has developed excellent relationships with local, regional and national employers and will work with you to find an employer that can provide quality and relevant work experience during your time as a student.

Join a club or society

Middlesbrough College has loads of activities you can get involved with including our ambassador scheme and student council, all of which will look great on a uni application. If you join college wanting to start a new club, where you can meet likeminded individuals, who share your interests, you can contact our Sabbatical Officer who will support you to set this up. Clubs and societies can be run during the common enrichment slots so that all students can access them.

Get awarded

Think you have an award winning talent? Why not show it off! The college holds a range of competitions for students to get involved with across the year ranging from photography and creative writing to sporting academies! You could even sign up to the Duke of Edinburgh Award whilst you’re enrolled with us. We offer the bronze, silver and gold scheme, meaning that students who have completed a previous award in school can advance to the higher level whilst at Middlesbrough College.

Do something different

Whether it’s learning a new sport, pursuing a hobby or completing a milestone! Doing something outside of your comfort zone is a great way of meeting new people and would look great on your application. From archery to rock-climbing, Middlesbrough College has a range of enrichment opportunities for you to get involved with outside of the classroom.

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