Essential Higher Education Information

Subject to Validation

When browsing our Higher Education course fact sheets if you see the words, Subject to Validation, this means the course is in development and the details of the course are in the process of being finalised by The Open University or Pearson. We would expect this course to be approved, however, this is not guaranteed and should the course not go ahead you will be informed by Middlesbrough College and assistance will be provided to those who have been offered a place to find a suitable alternative course either at Middlesbrough College or at another provider.

Regulations, Policies and Procedures

All of the higher education awards (courses) are validated by The Open University or Pearson Education.

Regulations for continuing students who commenced their studies before September 2018 on programmes that are validated by Teesside University are available on the Teesside University website.

Arrangements to Support Student Transfer Requests
Middlesbrough College does not currently have a specific policy or process in place beyond the standard admissions procedure to support student transfer to/from a different provider or from one course to another. However, the College does and will continue to support student transfers of this nature on a case-by-case basis. Any requests or enquiries concerning student transfer should be directed to in the first instance.

Open University

QAA Quality Code

Office for Students

We’re now OfS Registered, which means we meet the Office for Students requirements for course quality, academic standards, student support, student protection and more. For more information see

Student’s Guide for Validated Partners

The College Fees Guidance document and Fees Policy includes information and guidance on terms and conditions, payments and refunds and more.

The College Terms and Conditions  are also supported by the College Student Protection Plan and the College Enrolment forms. 

As the Fees Policy is a College wide document, it is not duplicated on the HE Essential Information page, but is linked under the Middlesbrough College general Policies and Procedures heading on this page.

Student Loan Information

Information about Students Loans (for Fees and Maintenance) are available on the Financial Support page.

Please visit the Student Loans Company website for the latest guidance and to start the student loan application process.

Higher Education Policies and Procedures 

Academic Appeals Policy (including Academic Appeal form)DOCX131.35 KB Download
Academic Board Terms of ReferenceDOCX73.64 KB Download
Academic Misconduct ProcedureDOCX107.86 KB Download
Admissions Appeals Procedure (including the Admissions Appeal form)DOCX110.09 KB Download
Admissions PolicyDOCX91.94 KB Download
Assessment Board Terms of ReferenceDOCX121.19 KB Download
Assessment and Feedback Policy (including Record of Double Marking, Internal Sampling Report, Record of Checking Process and Assessment Report)DOCX131.52 KB Download
Attendance Policy (including withdrawal form)DOCX160.34 KB Download
Code of Practice for ResearchDOCX89.17 KB Download
Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech and ExpressionDOCX87.27 KB Download
Extenuating Circumstances Policy (including suspension form)DOCX136.93 KB Download
Module and Programme Monitoring PolicyDOCX115.13 KB Download
Programme Approval, Periodic Review Process, and Termination of Validated Programmes (including Module/Programme Modification Proposal Form)DOCX113.52 KB Download
Programme Boards Terms of ReferenceDOCX72.86 KB Download
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy (including application form, agenda, and minutes templates)DOCX152.60 KB Download
Registration of StudentsDOCX77.17 KB Download
Research Ethics Policy (including REC Project Registration Form, Risk Checklist Form and Process Flowchart and Code of Practice for Research)DOCX181.99 KB Download
Student Personal Development and PlanningDOCX76.89 KB Download
Student RepresentationDOCX86.75 KB Download
Student Work Experience, Raising and Escalating Concerns (Whistleblowing) Procedure (including Raising and Escalating Concerns form)DOCX114.87 KB Download


In the interest of providing a positive experience for all of our students, we monitor the level of demand for all of our courses very closely. If we feel that the number of students enrolled on any course will have a negative impact upon their experience or present a risk to health and safety, we reserve the right to close the course before the start of the new academic year. Should this action be necessary, we will take this decision as early as possible and inform you immediately. Please be assured that closing a course due to low numbers is a rare occurrence. Where this course of action is necessary, we would discuss it with you and offer any assistance that we can to help you to identify an alternative course, either at the College or another institution.

To ensure that our courses are current and reflect the latest academic, technological, legislative, and social changes, all are subject to annual review. These reviews may result in minor changes to content, methods of assessment or other details. Where these changes are necessary, we will advise you as early as possible with an open offer to discuss the impact they have on the course. While we hope you will see the value of any such changes, we respect your right to withdraw your application if you believed that the course no longer met your needs. Should you decide to take this course of action, we will offer any assistance that we can to help you to identify an alternative course, either at the College or another institution.

Middlesbrough College hopes that your experience is positive and successful, but accepts that on occasions there maybe something that might cause you to be dissatisfied with the service you receive. If this happens during your dealings with us, then the College welcomes your views so that we can answer your concerns and improve our services for the future. Please follow the link below for details on how you can inform the College of any concern or complaint you may have. All correspondence is treated in confidence.

Complaint Resolution Policy