Travelling to College


We are pleased to announce a new and improved bus travel package for all full time students.

Travelling to and from College shouldn’t be an issue, which is why we‘ve teamed up with the area’s biggest bus and train operators to offer students FREE* bus travel 7 days a week and REIMBURSED* weekday train travel to and from Middlesbrough College.

Whether students live 15 or 50 minutes away, there are a number of bus and train routes available to make the journey that bit easier.

FREE* Train Travel:

Students in full time study, whose journey commences from the following stations (terminating at Middlesbrough Central Station) are eligible for rail refunds:

Darlington North Road, Darlington Bank Top, Dinsdale, Allens West, Seaham, Hartlepool, Seaton Crew, Thirsk, Northallerton, Yarm and Eaglescliffe.

Eligible refunds will be refunded by our Student Services department.

College ID cards will not give students free train travel.

For further information on eligibility and the process of refunds, our Student Services department will be happy to help on 01642 333606.

*Please note, there is a £5 administration fee for your travel sticker and this is payable each term.

Free* Bus Travel:

We offer free bus travel to students across the Tees Valley on Arriva, Stagecoach, Compass Royston and Stagecarriage services. You can plan your journey to and from College at Connect Tees Valley or alternatively pick up a timetables from Student Services.

Students are able to access a free shuttle bus between Middlesbrough Bus Station and the College every 15 minutes. 


Unlimited free* travel (including holidays and weekends) between 1 September 2018 to 30 June 2019 inclusive, on the Stagecoach North East while services are in operation.

Teesside - Unlimited free* travel from Monday 3rd September 2018 until Friday 29th June 2019 inclusive, within term time including weekends and evenings to 9.30pm.  This will cover the Teesside and East

Cleveland area -

There is a £1 fee per journey outside of term time for all areas.

Whitby – Direct travel to/from Whitby to Middlesbrough using Service X4 or X93 on college days only.

*Please note, there is a £5 administration fee for your travel sticker and this is payable each term. 

Free* Bus Services:

We also offer a number of free and direct bus services to Middlesbrough College with Arriva, as follows: 

This Arriva bus will come straight to the college and not Middlesbrough Bus Station.

Bus stop Time of departure
Easington, Twizziegill View 07:28
Loftus Market Place 07:34
Carlin How Square 07:42
Brotton Green Tree 07:46
North Skelton Institute 07:51
Skelton Civic Centre 07:55
Non-stop via A174/A66
Middlesbrough College Arrives 08:25

Route: Easington Twizziegill View, A174 Whitby Road, Loftus Market Place, A174, A174 Loftus Bank, Mill Bank, Carlin How, Brotton Road, Lorne Terrace, Brotton High Street, Skelton Road, North Skelton Vaughan Street, Holmbeck Road, New Skelton High Street, Skelton High Street, Coniston Road, Marske Lane, Apple Orchard Bank, A174, A1053, A66, Wilson Street, Albert Road, Cleveland Street, Vulcan Street, Commercial Street.

This is a direct Arriva bus.

Bus stop Time of departure
Beckfields, Stainforth Gdns 07:48
Beckfields, Shops 07:50
Sober Hall, Pennine Way 07:53
Blair Avenue, All Saints School 07:59
Lowfields Avenue, Broughfield CI 08:02
Lowfields, Teal Arms 08:05
Non-stop via A19/A66 -
Middlesbrough College Arrives 08:30

Route: From Ingleby Barwick, Beckfields Avenue, Barwick Way, Pennine Way, Sober Hall Avenue, Blair Avenue, Myton Way, Broom Hill Avenue, Lowfields Avenue, Ingleby Way, A1045, A174, A19, A66, Hartington Interchange, North Road, Bridge Street West, Queens Square, Lower East Street.

This is a direct Arriva Bus.

Bus stop Time of departure
Great Ayton, The Buck Inn 07:55
Stokesley High Street (Town Hall) 08:00
Hutton Rudby (Doctors Lane Road End)
 then non stop via A19 / A66  
Middlesbrough College Arrives 08:30

Bus stop  Time of departure
New Marske Shops  07:38
 Marske Roundabout  07:44
 Wheatlands Farm  07:48
 West Dyke Road, ALDI  07:54
 Lakes Estate Shops  07:59
 Domanstown The Fleet
 direct via A66  
 Middlesbrough College  Arrives 08:25
Route: Birkdale Road, Gleneagles Road, Gurney Street, Longbeck Road, Redcar Road, Marske Roundabout, Redcar Road, Greenstones Road, Redcar Lane, Plantation Road, Larkswood Road, West Dyke Road, Troutbeck Road, Mersey Road, Roseberry Road, Kirkleatham Lane, The Broadway, West Coatham Lane, Trunk Road, A66, Shepherdson Way, The Halyard, Windward Way, Dock Street, Lower East Street.

Bus stop  Time of departure
 Guisborough, Market Place  08:01 
 Hutton Lane, Thames Avenue  08:04
 Hutton Gate, The Voyager
 Non‐stop via A171/Ormesby Bank  
 Ormesby Crossroads
 Non‐stop via Cargo Fleet Lane  
 Middlesbrough College  Arrives 08:30
Route: Hutton Lane, The Avenue, Stokesley Road, A173, A171 Middlesbrough Road, A171 Ormesby Bank, Sunnyfield, Cargo Fleet Lane, Works Road, Dockside Road, The Leeway, Windward Way, Dock Street, Lower East Street.

 Bus stop  Time of departure
 Parkway Centre  08:00
 Coulby Newham, Sunnyside  08:03
 Hemlington, Viewley Hill Shops  08:07
 Acklam, The Bluebell  08:10
 Acklam, The Coronation
 direct via A19/A66  
 Middlesbrough College  Arrives 08:30
Route: Coulby Newham Bonnygrove Way, Rye Hill Way, Coulby Farm Way, Lingfield Way, Newham Way, Parkway Centre, Newham Way, B1365, Stainton Way, Cass House Road, Viewley Hill Shopping Centre, Hemington Hall Road, Stainton Way, A1044, Acklam Road, Newport Roundabout, Riverside Park Road, Metz Bridge Road, Bridge Street West, Cleveland Street, Lower East Street

I.D Cards:

During enrolment, each student will be given an induction ID which will act as a travel pass.

This pass will last until November. Following this, students will be given a sticker to apply to the card with ‘term 1’. In January the following year, learners will also be provided with a further ‘term 2’ sticker. In April, learners will also be provided with a further ‘term 3’ sticker.

*Please note, there is a £5 administration fee for your travel sticker and this is payable each term.

Other Information

Losing your card:
It’s important for students to have their ID on them at all times, however, should learners misplace the card, we offer a replacement service. We ask our students to act sensibly on their travels. Anyone involved in causing disruption or concern on the above transport routes may have their card confiscated.

Card replacement Cost
1st replacement Free
2nd replacement £1
3rd replacement £2
4th replacement £5

By Bike or Car

If you want to travel and get fit, the College is on a number of the major cycle routes, and we provide secure cycle parking facilities. If you want to travel by car or motor-cycle, you can apply for a parking permit to allow you to use the College car parks.