Originating in 2015, the Basketball Academy at Middlesbrough College has gone from strength-to-strength. Pro-coach, Steve Butler, has extensive experience both playing and coaching the sport, and currently coaching Teesside Mohawks.

With the team frequently playing off-campus, taking place in a range of championships, the academy has an impressive alumni, with ex-players going on to join the likes of The Mohawks and various teams overseas!

Training is adapted to suit the needs of each player, and will teach you the necessary skills and techniques to be the best player you can be.



The college basketball team frequently play in the AoC Division One League.

Many a destination!

Romonn Nelson went on to play for Tees Valley Mohawks and Newcastle University in National League division one.

Brendan Brown went on to play National League Division 2 for Mohawks and now studies at Leeds Carnegie, boasting the title of Team Manager Captain for their 2nd team.

Former student, Theo Turner, went on to earn a scholarship through playing for the College as well as Mohawks Junior Teams. 

Theo then studied at Miami University, transferring over to Barry University Div.1 School before he completed his Master’s Degree in Business Studies.

The sportsman now plays professionally for a team in Germany!

Not only can you expect high-standard training sessions, which include elements of strength and conditioning, but you will have the opportunity to improve your confidence and regularly take part in national competitions.

All of our basketballs are Molten branded. 

Training is adapted for everyone whether they are elite players or just beginners. The training is hard, competitive and fun, and you will learn fundamentals skills of passing, shooting dribbling and defence.

No matter what standard the players are when they join the team, they are certain to improve throughout the season.

Coach bio

Steve Butler

Steve’s love of basketball began when he was just 14, when he played for Thornaby is Local League before making his National League debut at the age of 17. During his time with the Mohawks, Steve won a whopping 12 national titles with the club and was recognised as the most successful basketball player to come out of the North East.

Between 1999 and 2004, Steve won an impressive 5 National League trophies in a row – which is still a record to this day! He also averaged 17 points a game a season, leading the league in Steals with a field goal percentage for 5 years running.

Following his success as a player, Steve took over the coaching position at Mohawks and managed to get the team promoted from division 2 back into division 1 at first attempt. In 2012 he then took the team to the national trophy final, however narrowly missed out, losing to Essex Leopards in overtime.

Steve continued his success as a coach, taking over as chairman, before starting up a junior programme for the Tees Valley Mohawks in 2014.

The team has gone from strength-to-strength and currently boast 3 National League teams competing every weekend at u14, u16 and u18 level.

Steve started the Middlesbrough College Basketball Academy 3 years ago, winning the AOC Regional league at first attempt. He continues to build up the academy with elite and new players.

What our academy students say...

Middlesbrough college basketball academy

Sam Hunt
L3 Sports & Exercise Science

I’m loving my time at Middlesbrough College! I knew a few people who came here before I enrolled, and it’s also really easy to get to from where I live, so it just made sense. My course has taught me so much, and it’s great that I’ve been able to pick up a sport alongside my studies.

The Basketball Academy is fantastic; not only has it been rewarding to learn something new, but the social side of things also means I’ve met so many different people from around the College. I’m hoping to go on to university after my course here and I will definitely be keeping up with playing basketball.

Middlesbrough College Basketball Academy Testimonial

Charlie McCathur 
L3 Sport & Exercise Science

There’s so much on offer within campus, and it was a massive bonus that I could join a Sports Academy alongside my course!

I’m new to basketball, but I’m loving it. I’ve made loads of new friends and have improved my skills so much already. My coach is so supportive and really moulds the team into working together.

Coming to Middlesbrough College was the best decision of my life!

Middlesbrough college basketball academy testimonial

Jake Butler
L3 Public Services

I joined the Basketball Academy as I’ve played for teams in the past and enjoyed it. Middlesbrough College really stood out to me when I was looking into my next step as a lot of other places in the area don’t offer anything like this.

I would definitely recommend studying here!