Jay Howarth

Jay studied the Level 3 Software Engineering programme at Middlesbrough College in 2016. Now, Jay has graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in BSc (Hons) Computer Science and has secured his dream job as a Software Engineer.  

Jay said “Middlesbrough College had a very warm and welcoming environment and my tutors treated me as an adult, they were very approachable and valued my perspective. The classroom wasn’t a one-way dialogue between teacher and student, it was a discussion where everyone was able to voice their opinion.

“I really enjoyed studying at Middlesbrough College. The College was a very collaborative space where students were encouraged to express themselves and be proud of what they were passionate about.

“My course was very much and introduction to the world of programming, it extensively covered many different aspects of how we use computers from web development and database architecture to object-oriented programming and game design. One of my favourite modules was object-oriented programming, it was one of the last modules I took and it built on the many skills I had developed previously at Middlesbrough College, it felt like a lot of my hard work was coming together and I was beginning to make some quite sophisticated software.

“The skills I developed at Middlesbrough College were vital in my first year at university, they gave me a solid foundation in programming and analytical thinking that lead to a very successful start to my degree.

“Before studying at Middlesbrough College, I had no intentions of going to university, now I’m a Newcastle University graduate and have just started my dream job. I believe if it wasn’t for the support I received I would have never discovered my passion for programming and problem solving.”

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