Maths is everywhere around you, in every cake you bake, every brick you lay, every pulse you take, every bill you pay! Whoever you become, you'll need maths in every day of your life.

Effective English skills will also help you every day, making things easier, clearer and more meaningful for you. When you are writing assignments, designing posters, preparing your CV or communicating with friends, you are developing your English skills.

As a full-time student at Middlesbrough College, maths and English will be a part of your programme, where we will support you to gain the skills that are needed by employers and university. If you did not achieve a grade 4 (C) or above in your English and maths at GCSE, you will continue to study these subjects at College. Dependent on your attainment, this will either be GCSE re-examination, or Functional Skills. If you do achieve a grade 4 (C) or above, you will continue to develop these essential skills in your main programme of study. 

maths and english middlesbrough college

Maths and English Centre at Middlesbrough College

Our new Maths and English Centre is a dedicated zone for students to brush up on these crucial skills.

Featuring formal and informal teaching areas, a breakout space and a great team of staff, it's an area where students can access 1:1 support with their studies.

For more information, contact our Student Services team:
Telephone: 01642 333606