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5 careers you could go into with a Public/Protective Services qualification

January 26, 2023
Public services students

Working in the public sector can be an extremely rewarding job because you are part of a team that keeps communities up and down the country running, and you’ll have a positive direct impact on people’s lives. Not only is personal satisfaction a great reason to go into a public service job, but the sector is known for its good job security and is one of the largest employers in the country, so there are always plenty of opportunities available.

If you’re considering one of our Public/Protective Services courses here at Middlesbrough College, but aren’t sure where it could take you, just have a look at 5 careers you could have with a Public/Protective Services qualification.

Police Officer

A police officer is responsible for protecting people, it is a very important role that helps to keep everyone safe. As a police officer your roles will vary significantly, you could be writing up a report in the office one day and responding to an emergency call the next. You may also have to attend court from time to time to give evidence, as you may have been present at a crime scene or have interviewed witnesses. This role would suit a confident person who has a calming manor when dealing with members of the public. You would also need to have effective communication skills and sound judgement.

Army Soldier

The role of an army solider is to take part in peacekeeping missions, support humanitarian efforts and occasionally fight in combat zones around the world. The army is always recruiting so there are many opportunities available in various roles within the army. A soldier has responsibility for tracking, storing, and delivering equipment and supplies to both the barracks and to those in the field, as well as taking part in parades and gathering evidence to make arrests as part of the military police. This role would be best suited to someone with the ability to follow instructions and work well under pressure, both as an individual and as part of a team. You should have strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and you may also have to undergo a health and fitness check.


As a firefighter your main role will be to protect people and property from fire through preventative and reactive measures. You would also be involved in educating the public on fire safety, this may include going into schools and workplaces to deliver presentations. You may even have to provide emergency first aid in situations when you are the first responder and are waiting for an ambulance. Other duties include inspection of fire safety equipment and rescuing trapped people and animals. As well as a good level of physical fitness, you will need to have good problem-solving skills and be decisive, calm, and quick to react in emergency situations.

Prison Officer

Being a prison officer involves mixing with lots of different people that have committed a variety of crimes. It is a prison officers’ duty to supervise the inmates and keep them secure. This can mean accompanying them on external visits like court or hospital appointments or preparing them for release through a rehabilitation programme. Due to the nature of the job, a prison officer needs to have a high level of patience and be able to remain calm in stressful situations as well as good leadership and communication skills. You may also benefit from some knowledge of public safety and legal procedures.

RAF Officer

An RAF officer is responsible for managing teams of aviators and carrying out flying duties. This includes managing daily services for your crew such as catering, security, and training, as well as servicing fleets and managing aircraft communications. In order to successfully plan and carry out missions, an RAF officer should have persistence, determination, and high levels of concentration, as well as good communication and leadership skills.

How our Public/Protective Services courses prepare you for life after College

Our Public/ Protective Services courses here at Middlesbrough College will provide you with essential transferrable skills such as practical teamwork, map reading, health and fitness, and land navigation. Studying one of our courses will give you a well-rounded idea of what it is like to work across the public services sector and prepare you for the world of work.