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English & maths can take you higher

03 Sep 2020
Georgia Baird

Achieving a grade 4 (or a former C grade) in your maths and English can open the doors to exciting opportunities for your future. This is exactly what Georgia Baird, a Level 3 Sport & Coaching student from Middlesbrough College found when she picked up her GCSE results this summer!

Georgia, a former Unity City Academy student didn’t achieve the results she wanted in her maths & English and opted to resit her exams at Middlesbrough College. Now, 3 years later, Georgia has the results she needs to take her into higher education and has been accepted at University to study for a degree in Sport and Rehabilitation.

Georgia said, “I was so emotional when I found out that I had achieved a grade 4 in my maths as this was the result I was waiting for to find out if I would be accepted into University! I was over the moon when I opened up my envelope on GCSE results day and found out that I had passed. I’d finally done it and all the hard work was worth it!

“I can’t explain the relief I felt. My advice to any student who hasn’t achieved their maths or English GCSE would be to consider studying at Middlesbrough College. The tutors are amazing and go above and beyond to make sure you are prepared for the exams. 

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually going to really miss my maths lessons. My tutors helped me to enjoy the subjects, even if I found them challenging at times.

“I would definitely recommend coming to study at Middlesbrough College! You make loads of new friends, have incredible teachers and learn new things about yourself everyday.”

Georgia’s maths tutor, Paul Eastwood said, “I am delighted for all of the students who have passed their GCSE’s at Middlesbrough College this year, including Georgia. She has worked so hard for her exams and I have no doubt that she will succeed at anything she puts her mind to. I wish her the best of luck at University.”

If you’ve just left school and you didn’t achieve the grades you were hoping for in English & maths, don’t worry. Here at Middlesbrough College, we can take you higher and give you a second chance to achieve these important qualifications.

Our study programmes have English & maths built into the curriculum, which means that you’ll be able to progress with the course of your choice and study for your English and maths alongside this!

Find out more about English and maths here.

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