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A new theory of relativity in Middlesbrough!

12 Dec 2023
Art and Design students with their THW24 Logo entries

Most people recall that the Theory of Relativity figured out by Albert Einstein is represented by the Equation E = MC2.

This week there was an alternative explanation for the equation as E (Erimus Rotary) was given a fresh boost of energy and support from their new relative MC (Middlesbrough College) Twice !

The College recently became a corporate member of Erimus Rotary and the fruits of that partnership were displayed in duplicate on Friday 8th December. Members of Erimus gathered in the Craft and Design sector of the College to select a logo for next year’s Tees Heritage Walk -THW24. Almost fifty students had submitted design proposals and a dozen made the step up to a final choice. The successful design will be used on all of the publicity and marketing material for the fundraising walk which takes place on Sunday 12th May. If plans succeed then all of the dozen finalists will have their work on display for walkers as they set out to raise tens of thousands for local charities.

In the second hugely positive element of the teamwork between the College and Erimus, Rotary President Terry Bolton and no less a personage than Santa himself were on hand at the College to welcome a sparkling and very timely new Santa’s Sleigh – just in time for the Erimus sleigh nightly runs around South Middlesbrough returning to its traditional rounds after a two year Covid enforced delay.

When Rotarians inspected their elderly sleigh, it sadly failed all of the safety tests forcing the purchase of a new trailer platform. At this point, the College student’s multiple skillsets were harnessed and an all new sleigh has been designed and built in double quick time, fitted with sparkling lights and a sound system. College mascot, Max the Mouse, was on hand as the sleigh was towed out by the students to meet and hand over to a delighted Santa Claus!

In welcoming the fruits of their partnership, Steve Donnison, the College’s Head of Teaching, Learning, Behaviours and Attitudes, said “We are delighted to find ways in which our students can use their newly gained skills and abilities to work on real world challenges which bring genuine benefits to the community.”

Echoing the sentiments, Erimus President Terry Bolton commented “Our partnership with the College, its staff and students was always a welcome development and the positive benefits for both parties are now spreading across the town and its people, that’s a great present for us all at this time of the year.”

Santa and Max

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