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Tom Crowe

October 18, 2022
Tom Crowe

Meet Tom Crowe, Higher Education student and Male Mental Health Student Ambassador!

“It does feel a bit strange to be back in education and working towards a totally different career but I’m excited for the future and to see where this course takes me. It is a great stepping stone for my chosen career and the staff are fantastic!

“Previously I was a self-employed Car Valet but after a health scare, I decided to take a different path and retrain as a Paramedic.

“When I heard that the Student Union were looking for Male Mental Health Ambassadors I got involved pretty much straight away! As someone who has struggled with their own mental health, I want to create a safe space for male identifying students to come to and be able to express themselves.

“I remember when I was at my lowest point, I felt ashamed to be feeling that way which is the attitude a lot of people in a similar position to me have. I want anyone who is suffering with their mental health to know that it’s ok to have those feelings and how important it is to talk to someone. I’m hopeful that once we grow this group, students will feel confident coming to us.

“As well as a safe space to talk and discuss mental health, I am also looking in to holding some meditation sessions and wellness walks.”

Course: Cert HE in Health, Wellbeing and Social Care