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Sharon Muzuwa 

March 7, 2024
Sharon Muzuwa

We caught up with Sharon Muzuwa, who is studying the BA (Hons) Business Management (Top-up) Level 6 course at University Centre Middlesbrough. 

“I first started on the Access to HE in Business Studies diploma, before moving onto the Foundation degree and now I’m in my Top-up year. The course includes finance and accounting, strategic management, marketing, and managing a team. We learn about theorists and people who have changed the way we work, for example, Henry Ford and how he changed the work week from 48 hours to 40 hours. He was the first person to introduce conveyor belts into factories, which revolutionized the way things are done. 

“I first came to Middlesbrough College to do my A Levels, and after completing a business administration apprenticeship, having children and growing up, I decided to come back to start the Access to HE diploma in Business Studies. I wanted to expand on the knowledge I already had in administration and with a Business Management degree, you can go anywhere and work in different industries.  

“I have received a lot of support throughout my time at Middlesbrough College. When I had my twins during the Access to HE diploma, my tutors were fully supportive and encouraging, helping me to get my assignments in time. There was a time when I had been looking after four children alone and my husband was returning home after 3 months deployed; my tutors understood I needed to work from home that day to be with my family. They are very understanding of personal lives and don’t put so much pressure on you that you struggle with the work.   

“I’ve enjoyed learning about finances and accounting. It’s good to learn about the different skills I wasn’t privy to during my Business Administration apprenticeship. It’s interesting and has been a challenge, which is why I enjoyed it.   

“I’m interested in working in accounting, payroll or an HR-based role. From personal experience, my husband and I have faced issues with not being paid correctly because the payroll system in place wasn’t adequate. It’s important for people to be paid on time and at the right rate for their work so they can pay their bills, feed their families, buy nappies and formulas. If someone is worrying about not being able to afford essentials, they aren’t going to give their job 100%. It’s a factor that can be managed by the payroll team, and I would like to be that person who can help people and create a nicer workplace.    

“I would definitely recommend studying Business at Middlesbrough College. Nick Tanner, my tutor, is very knowledgeable. Even though I still don’t know how exactly inflation works, he’s happy enough to remind me. I can only sing high-praises for Nick – he understands any childcare issues I might have.  

“If anyone is considering applying for a Business Management degree; just do it! Don’t worry about what you think might be stopping you – just apply and see how it goes.” 

Courses: Access to HE in Business Studies, Fd Business Management, and BA (Hons) Business Management (Top-up)