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Shannon Mudd

June 1, 2021
Shannon Mudd

Shannon is the Lead Student Council Executive Officer and Student Governor, and the Directorate Representative for Health & Social Care.

“I absolutely love studying at Middlesbrough College. I’ve made friends for life whilst studying here and the College has really helped and supported me.

“When I first started studying at the College I was really struggling and had lost confidence and motivation. I went and spoke with the Wellbeing Team who helped me to find the course that was right for me. Now, I’m on top of all of my work, thriving in my course and I’m loving my role as Lead Student Governor.

“Being the Lead Student Governor means that I gather opinions across the College and get those ideas across to the management team. I used to be shy and quiet but this role has given me the confidence to represent my peers and voice my opinion too. 

“Having the Student Council is something I really respect about Middlesbrough College. The staff want to hear your opinions and are quick to do something about any issues that arise. I feel really respected and I would 100% recommend studying here.

“My advice to anyone who is leaving school soon is to consider studying at Middlesbrough College. The College isn’t a scary place at all, everyone here is amazing and nobody judges you. Plus the support available to you is second to none!”

Course: Level 3 Health & Social Care 

Previous School: Trinity Catholic College