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Paige Thurgood

January 21, 2021
Paige Thurgood

“I decided to take my education higher at Middlesbrough College and I am really enjoying studying the BA (Hons) Airline and Airport management degree.

“I studied Level 3 Aviation at the College and decided to continue to study for my degree here as I loved the course and my tutors. If you have a passion for flying and travelling and want to expand your knowledge, then I would 100% recommend that you apply for this course. The course has developed my core skills and experiences and allowed me to forge connections in the industry. I have learnt a lot and I would definitely encourage students to apply for the course if they want to pursue a career in the travel industry.

The teaching and support throughout studying this course has been outstanding. Every teacher will listen to any problem I may have and will support me if I am having difficulties with a certain topic or assignment.

The teaching and support has been especially effective during the COVID-19 pandemic. My tutors have been available around the clock to help with me- it has been outstanding. My teachers always ask for feedback and are eager to improve. My lessons are interesting so I’m always engaged and enjoy coming to College and my online sessions.

I know that the skills I am learning will be beneficial to me in my future career. My communication skills have improved over the years along with my time management. My problem solving skills have also improved and have helped me in day to day life.

The airport and airline sector passenger numbers are increasing everyday and it keeps on growing and becoming stronger. I know that the industry is set to boom, especially after the pandemic and with my degree I know that I will be in a strong position to have the career I want.

The course has expanded my knowledge and I understand the contemporary challenges which the sector faces. I also have improved my knowledge on management and customer service.

During my time at the College I have had lots of opportunities to travel. I experienced Concorde at Manchester Airport, British Airways Management in Newcastle, water survival and first aid training, I also travelled to Barcelona, New York City and Amsterdam! These experiences have been amazing.

I choose to study at Middlesbrough College as the course perfectly suited my career aims. Also, the facilities at this college are second to none! At the College students have the opportunity to train in the on- site mock plane fuselage. During my course we have spent a lot of our lessons in the fuselage and I have been fortunate to take part in a pretend flight simulation. I have learnt flight scripts and learnt how to use all the emergency equipment.

I have found the College a friendly and safe place to study and you can access a range of support if you have any worries.

My lifelong dream is to travel the world and hopefully progress into aviation management and I am confident that my degree and experience of customer service will allow for my dreams to become a reality soon.

These have been really challenging times, but I know that the travel sector will return stronger than ever. The College’s dedication and support during these difficult times has been fantastic and I am delighted that I have achieved high grades despite the circumstances. The support from each teacher has been outstanding and it has shown in my work.”

Course: BA (Hons) Airport and Airline Management