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Noah Jenkinson

March 11, 2024
Software Student

“I was originally studying for my A Levels at another college but wasn’t happy with the structure of just being in the classroom, I saw the apprenticeship opportunity with Labman Automation and it was exactly what I wanted to do so I decided to go for it! 

“My apprenticeship is very hands on, I work with hardware sensors, valves and I do programming. I really enjoy it as I am able to give a system the logic it needs to operate. I love the independence of the apprenticeship as I am able to decide how I will approach a problem and how I will fix it, I really enjoy the problem-solving aspect of the apprenticeship programme. 

“This apprenticeship is a great way to give me the experience I need for industry, and the qualification I need. I’m in a job which I love already at such a young age, and I hope to continue there after my apprenticeship.”

Apprenticeship: Software Development Apprenticeship – Level 3

Previously School: Hurworth School

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