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Liv Jameson-Myers

January 28, 2021
Liv Jameson-Myers

“I am thoroughly enjoying studying my T Level digital course at Middlesbrough College! It’s been very different this year with the majority of work being online, however we still kept the same structure of learning, which has been fantastic and made everything seem more normal. 

“The teaching at Middlesbrough College has been great. My tutors have gone above and beyond for me, especially this year. At the start of the year I discovered that I required extra time and have a slow comprehension speed with mathematical subjects, but my teachers took that on board and have fully supported me. I have anxiety related to maths but my tutors have helped me get to the same level of understanding as my peers. The smaller class sizes really help- I can get the 1:1 support I require alongside the resources I need such as my screen tint.

“I’m also a keen advocate of the College’s wellbeing centre which is so important, especially this year. The staff that work in there are so reliable and trusting! They can support you with a whole range of things- just ask. 

“My course has given me skills that have helped me in the workplace and we also have a lot of visitors from different computing industries to talk to us about what they want from employees which has been extremely valuable information. 

“As part of the T Level qualification we are required to complete a placement and I’m doing my hours with Appamondo. I started working 2 days a week, however the company have been so impressed with me that I’m now working an extra day with them and being paid for this! It’s been a great experience and one of the key moments in my life so far. I’m learning the industry standard of technology, office etiquette, management hierarchy, all of which benefit my overall professionalism. 

“I am treated exactly the same as any other employee and I get to work on projects I never could’ve imagined myself doing! The amount of trust and responsibility given to you radiates a certain amount of pride. Even from working at home I have learnt plenty. I absolutely love my placement and am seriously considering going full time after completing my course at College. 

“Middlesbrough College stuck out to me. I wanted to go somewhere modern, that would provide a vocational and practical course with enough opportunities to get me wherever I wanted afterwards. Once I saw the College in person I knew it was where I wanted to study- I didn’t even bother looking anywhere else as I knew it was the best in the area. The facilities are amazing, especially in the Networking Lab. 

“The College is also a very friendly place to study. My class is extremely close- there is only 11 of us and we all get along really well. It’s almost like a family in the IT department, staff included. We all get along and can confide in each other. Last year the College awarded me Computing Student of the year which has been a real highlight of my time studying here!

“I would definitely recommend studying a digital T Level course! MCDigital has some amazing resources and the tutors are great at delivering the spec to us in an engaging way. Any IT course at Middlesbrough College has the potential to get you into so many different jobs and there’s a large market for them currently so if you enjoy IT I’d say apply to study here!”

Course: T Level in Digital Technology