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Lewis Butler

September 14, 2021
Lewis Butler

“My recent success with the Tees Valley Mohawks is that we came 2nd last year and I was awarded MVP in the nation league under 16’s.

“I have been a member of the Mohawks since I was 6 but the partnership between the college and Mohawks is great as we now have a permanent home.

“I really enjoy coaching on my course which is great because my future ambitions are to be a coach/basketballer.

“I choose to study at Middlesbrough College because my father works here, and the course is good and has a basketball academy.

“I found everyone at the college has been really friendly, it feels like a safe place to study, and the facilities are great and high level.

“I’m really enjoying my course, I do biometrics psychology, sports coaching and anatomy. I most enjoy coaching because I want to be a coach. I would recommend this course to anyone that would be interested in it.

“At college I am learning characteristics to make me more confident which are helpful and beneficial to my career/university plans.”

Course: Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science

Previous School: Outwood Academy Bishopsgarth