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Isaac Jobnson

August 3, 2021
Isaac Jobnson

Isaac Jobnson has come to the end of his Level 3 Media course at Middlesbrough College.

Isaac said, “I thought my time studying at Middlesbrough College on the Level 3 Media course was great and I appreciated my time at the College. It has been a lot of fun being able to work on my own projects and work alongside in a team with other people in my class.”

“I thought the staff and teaching was excellent, my tutors were very helpful and I could go to them for any help and advice if I needed it.”

“All of the facilities that I used were good and I thought that the equipment that we were able to use were great quality and felt like I was using professional equipment.”

“My favourite part of the course was having the chance to work on creative and fun practical projects. I feel that everything that I have learned and the new skills that I have developed will be helpful for my future.”

“Overall, I would say it’s an amazing course that gives us a lot of creative freedom. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone that enjoys an interactive course and is interested in working in film and TV.”

Course: Level 3 Media

Previous School: The Grangefield Academy