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Emma Betiku

January 21, 2020
Emma Betiku

Counselling Coordinator

Meet Emma Betiku, Counselling Coordinator at Middlesbrough College.

Based in the Wellbeing Centre centred around student support, Emma has been at the college for just over three and a half years. Her role is to manage the central referral system at the college for students and ensure that the students at Middlesbrough College get the support they need. 

“We work with two local therapy providers who provide five full days of counselling a week for the Teesside area, anything outside of that I support, I get to manage the operations but also do counselling which has always been a passion of mine.”

Emma found her passion for helping others when she first volunteered for the Samaritans, she knew mental wellbeing was something she was interested in so decided to make it her career. There has been many changes throughout Emma’s career and the different external influences that are affecting young people.

“When I first started social media wasn’t a topic that reached the counselling team but now we are dealing with various issues around social media on a weekly basis. Issues such as  low self esteems, social isolation and bullying. That coupled with external support being stretched means the college’s counselling service is vital.”

“Outside of work Emma likes to stay active and run. 

“I  did the Great North Run last year and am doing the Lyke Wake Walk with some colleagues. The target is 40m and we did 20m one weekend, a great achievement!”