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Daniel Watson

June 23, 2023
Daniel Watson

Daniel Watson is currently studying Level 2 Health and Social Care, with a further two years of study until he completes his course. Here’s what he had to say about his experience at Middlesbrough College and his plans for the future:

“I chose Middlesbrough College because it offers the support I need for my Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). My tutors have been so helpful which has really helped me progress through the course.

“I knew I wanted to study Health and Social Care because it runs in my family. My mother is a carer and my aunt is a nurse, and this helped me realise that I wanted a career where I could help people.

“My favourite thing about studying here is getting the opportunity to learn new things and applying them to real life through my placements and volunteering. I have helped at a foodbank, which was very rewarding to meet new people and find ways to help them. I’ve also been able to apply the knowledge I’ve gained in College to other situations in my life, which has been really great.

“I’ll be studying for another two years, so I haven’t quite decided what I’d like to pursue after College. I’ve had several meetings with the College’s Careers Team which has been really helpful and has allowed me to find out more about my options.

“I’d definitely recommend Middlesbrough College to anyone thinking about their next steps, particularly the Health and Social Care courses.”

Previous school: Rye Hill Academy

Course: Level 2 Health and Social Care