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Anele Dube

March 16, 2021
Anele Dube

“I decided to study for an Access to Higher Education Diploma at Middlesbrough College as I wanted to go back to education to fulfil my lifelong career dream of becoming a qualified nurse. I’m originally from Zimbabwe and I had always wanted to be a nurse.

“When I moved to the UK I realised that I could be anything that I wanted to be, as long as I put in the hard work. The Access to Higher Education course was the opportunity I had been waiting for. As soon as I was able and allowed to study, I immediately enrolled at the College.

“I really enjoyed studying my Access to Higher Education Diploma in Health. The tutors were very helpful and assisted me with whatever challenges I faced during the course. I didn’t work in any health setting before I started, but thanks to the help of my tutors I was offered the opportunity work as a volunteer in therapeutic care at a local hospital. This was amazing and it allowed me to gain experience within the health sector.

“I would definitely recommend studying for an Access to Higher Education course! If your aim is to go to University, then the Access course is the best way to prepare yourself. My first year at University was a breeze because I was already in a position to write assignments at degree level study. The course also boosted my confidence and I gained skills in presenting, which was a huge bonus as I’ve had to do a lot of presentations at University.

“The teaching on my Access course was great. The lecturers made sure that every student’s needs were catered for. Extra support was given where and when needed, especially on topics that were challenging.

“I am currently a second year BSc Hons Adult Nursing student. My ultimate dream is to work in perioperative care. After completing my degree my intention is to complete specialist training to become a theatre nurse. After that, I intend to undertake further training to become a surgical care practitioner.

“I enjoyed meeting new people at Middlesbrough College who were interested in the same career path as me. I also really enjoyed the biology lessons in the lab because we got to do some experiments which was really interesting and a lot of fun!

“I’m a wife and a mother and it has been a challenging experience to balance study and family life, however the experience has been so rewarding and I’m one step closer to fulfilling my career ambition!”

Course: Access to HE in Health