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Anela Hussain

June 27, 2019
Anela Hussain

Curriculum Team Leader English and Maths (Adult Education)

Anela joined the Middlesbrough College team in 2010 where she spent her time running a community class on a part-time basis.

After getting a buzz for teaching, Anela felt passionate about turning her position into something full-time.

When a role became available at the College, she was quick to apply.

With experience teaching a mix of both adults and younger students, Anela was able to use her skills and knowledge in the classroom despite any challenges that came about. 

Anela said “I was really interested in making a difference to people’s lives, so I’ve loved the opportunity to teach in various departments within the College over the years.

“It’s been a fantastic experience working alongside such a great team to help students achieve success – it’s always lovely to hear what learners are doing after they have finished their course too!

“A standout moment would have to be the student awards that take place every June – seeing students receive recognition for their hard work is so lovely to see.

“Middlesbrough College is a brilliant place to work!”

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