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Analise Williams

August 18, 2023
Analise Williams

18-year-old Analise Williams from Middlesbrough was thrilled to discover she had earned a Merit in her T Levels in Health when opening her results this summer. In a few weeks she’ll be starting her degree in Paramedic Practice at Teesside University, after which she’ll be qualified as a paramedic.

Analise explains why she chose to study T Levels at Middlesbrough College, one of only a selection of colleges in the country chosen by the government to deliver T Levels. “I’m not a naturally academic person, so when I heard about the practical learning that the T Level course provides, I was immediately interested.”

T Levels give you the opportunity to learn on the job, while also being equivalent to three A Levels.

“When I started studying I was undecided what to do, although I was always interested in health because my mum works in a hospital,” Analise says. “On my placement was when it really clicked – I saw physiotherapists and occupational therapists, who all did interesting work, but then saw a paramedic supporting a patient in a real situation and knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

“I have visual stress so the College has made a real effort to help me with computer packages, extra time during exams, specially-coloured paper – everything I needed to study and succeed.”

“The staff at the College also have plenty of health industry experience, for example in nursing,” says Analise. “That meant that our tutors could use their own skills and experience to help us develop and build our own confidence.”

Analise shares her advice to anyone considering studying at Middlesbrough College this September, “If you’re considering T Levels, get involved in the work placements, ask plenty of questions, and if you’re struggling, ask for that support. There’s lots of support on offer.”

Course: T Levels in Health