Free Essential Digital Skills

Did you know? Around 4.3 million people I the UK lack the basic digital skills required for work, study or everyday life in general (Gateway Qualifications).

Our Essential Digital Skills course are designed for those who want to enhance their digital skills, who may have a smart phone but are not quite sure how on its capabilities, or have used a laptop for some time but are unsure on how to do more complex tasks.

If you feel you could enhance your basic digital skills this course is the perfect route for you!  Our range of courses will help give you the best starting point based on your experience!

Our levels include Entry Level 3 and Level 2 qualifications, our team will determine the right level course for you during an information session you will attend at the College.  You will learn about using devices and handling information, creating and editing documents, communicating and sharing content digitally, using online services safely and protecting your privacy online.

With classes starting every week, there’s never a better time to enhance your digital skills!

Find out more about the course and enrol here

Wednesday - 17:30 - 19:30

Tuesday: 9:30-12
Wednesday: 1-1:30     
Thursday: 1-1:30

Tuesday: 1-1:30
Thursday: 9:30-12