New academy energises wind power trainees

30 July 2020

In another major investment in skills for the future – TTE, the international technical skills training arm of Middlesbrough College Group, is launching an Offshore Wind Manufacturing Academy. 

The Academy will build on TTE’s existing course offering for full-time study programme 16-18 students, including the internationally-recognised Global Wind Organisation Basic Technical Training (BTT) course which is seen as an entry point for people pursuing a career in the sector.

Through apprenticeships in electrical and mechanical engineering, mechatronics and fabrication, as well as employee training courses and retraining programmes, the Academy will be the place for future and current wind turbine technicians to get the knowledge and experience they need to support well paid jobs. 

Using high quality kit, trainees will get to grips with the engineering of wind turbines including fluid power systems, circuits, and testing. 

The specialist courses – led by tutors with real industry experience – will also give learners the health and safety grounding which is so important in the sector.

Those at the foot of the career ladder can expect to find a healthy jobs market once they’ve completed their studies. A study by trade body Energy & Utility Skills showed there would be a need for more than 36,000 direct jobs in offshore wind, in the next 12 years.

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