Middlesbrough College student Iyesha set to be Teesside’s beauty queen

20 May 2020

Middlesbrough College student Iyesha is representing Teesside in the final of Miss Teen Great Britain.

Iyesha Butt, an A Level student from Middlesbrough College, is competing against 59 other girls in Miss Teen Great Britain. The final will take place at the Globe Theatre in Blackpool on October 26th. The winner will be handed the 'Miss Teen Great Britain' title and a cash prize of £1,000.

The competition raises money for children's charity called Together for Short Lives and Iyesha has already raised £1,613!

Iyesha said “I saw the advert on social media and was intrigued so I decided to apply. The pageant is based more on personality than looks and the whole experience has been very inclusive. Honestly, everyone involved is so lovely and I’ve become friends with all the girls. It feels like a big family who just happen to be competing against each other.

“I also decided to enter the competition as it raises money for the children’s charity, Together for Short Lives. The charity is amazing and I’m so happy that I’m raising money for them. I’ve already done a fundraising event with live entertainment, various raffles and a sponsored walk.

“I was over the moon when I found out that I had got through to the grand final! In the final, I will have a private interview with the judges before competing in two fashion rounds. In the first round, I’ll will walk the catwalk in a comfortable outfit and then dress up in evening wear for the second round.

“I am so happy that I decided to enter and I can’t believe I am representing an area I have grown up in and an area that I am proud of!

“I study the Mix it up programme, at Middlesbrough College and I love it! This is where you study 2 A Levels and a BTEC programme. I’m studying A Level Psychology and Media Studies with BTEC Journalism.

“Everyone at College who knows about the competition has been so supportive from the start, I couldn't be more grateful.

“I’m still unsure about what I want to do once I’ve completed my studies at College. I'm considering becoming a teacher or going further with my studies in Psychology as I find it extremely interesting. I am really enjoying my time at Middlesbrough College and I’m excited for what the future holds!”

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