Middlesbrough College’s Performing Arts students make their voices heard!

10 February 2020

Twelve Performing Arts students from Middlesbrough College have taken part in a unique performance project with the award winning Zest Theatre Company.

Luke Bishop, Alex Hornsby, Emily Luffman, David Oliver-Mackay, Hannah Carr, Lauryn Giovanni, Joe Keegans, Ben Roberts, Tom Rook, Dwaine Harris, Tammi Rafferty and David McGouran were all part of the Middlesbrough Youth cast for Zest Theatre Company’s Middlesbrough production of Youthquake.

Youthquake is an exciting, 360° theatre experience, developed through conversations with young people from across the country. Youthquake features a mix of professional and young local performers using the young people’s words and opinions to give voice to a generation often left unheard.

As part of the project, the students from Middlesbrough College were asked about their hometown of Middlesbrough and what they wanted to celebrate and say about their lives and local area. The students talked about environmental issues, littering, homelessness, politics, football, big weekend and of course, the legendary Teesside parmo. The conversations were then turned into speech, rap and song.

The two-night performance took place at Middlesbrough Town Hall and gave the young performers from Middlesbrough College the opportunity to take part in a professional production that allowed their voices and stories to be heard.

Zest Theatre producer, Catherine Fowles said “We’re so pleased to be bringing Youthquake ‘home’ to Tees Valley, having spent most of our time making and rehearsing the show here. Youthquake has been an incredibly transformative experience for everyone involved.”

All the young performers from Middlesbrough College are either aspiring actors or teachers and have been grateful to Zest Theatre and Middlesbrough College for providing them with the opportunity to be involved in such an innovative professional production.

The students said “Youthquake targets the wellbeing of young people and genuinely wants to help make a difference. The hope we felt in Youthquake was almost overwhelming.

“It was amazing as our voices were heard and our stories were shared. It was also fantastic to work collaboratively on a professional project. It was honestly such a brilliant experience, we all absolutely loved it.”

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