Little brother George wins friendly contest

22 August 2018
When Joe Cook did well in his A Levels at Middlesbrough College last year, little brother George vowed he'd do even better- and just a year later, he's succeed.

George from Brotton, scooped four A Levels in physics, maths, computer science and further maths (an A*, two A's and a B)- just pipping Joe's results last year.

He's hoping to go to Manchester University to do a degree in physics. 
"It's the best university in the country for physics" he said. After that, he's keen to use the degree in research and development, or data analysis. 

" Lots of companies use data analytics these days and recruit physicists to do it because of their maths abilities" said George.

Joe is now at Newcastle University and was on hand at Middlesbrough College to see George open his results and find out how their friendly rivalry had turned out.

"I'm proud of him- I guess!" he joked. 
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