The benefits of choosing a Sixth Form College over your School Sixth Form

09 May 2018

One of the biggest choices you may need to make in your teens is whether to stay on at a School Sixth Form or consider a fresh start. Although it may seem daunting to start at a brand new place, there are lots of benefits to studying at a Sixth Form College.

Sixth Form Colleges are a lot more informal and comfortable compared to a lot of School Sixth Forms. You will be treated like an adult, you won’t have to wear a uniform and you will gain a greater feeling of independence.

The independence you will gain at a Sixth Form College will also help you to bridge the gap between School and University extremely well. Most School Sixth Forms will expect you to remain on campus across the whole week, whereas at a Sixth Form College it’s up to you to stay up-to-date and organised, with independent study periods and the chance to plan your own learning.

Choosing a School Sixth Form also means that you’ll have a fresh start, meeting lots of new people of a similar age from different schools and areas. Sixth Form Colleges are generally a lot bigger than School Sixth Forms so you will also benefit from the modern facilities and social spaces.

A Sixth Form College will also provide you with a greater variety of learning opportunities compared to a school sixth form.  The range of courses available is far superior at a Sixth Form College compared to a School Sixth Form. School Sixth Forms will generally only offer you the chance to do A- levels once you have finished your GCSEs, however, in addition to offering AS and A-level courses, many Sixth Form Colleges offer BTECs, Cambridge Technical Diplomas, vocational courses and apprenticeship opportunities. These qualifications are equally respected by Universities and offer a more hands-on approach to a particular subject, which is very useful for both University study and direct entry into a career.

A lot of Sixth Form Colleges also offer progression to higher education including a range of Higher Nationals, Foundation Degrees and Degrees, enabling you to continue your studies to the next level without the expense of going away to University!

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