Trio encourage other young women to consider a career in construction

26 March 2018

Only a very small percentage of women work in a construction trade and attracting women into construction professions has proved a significant challenge for society over the years. However, at Middlesbrough College this is not the case. Ellie Jones, Adele Oliver and Paris Highfield are all high flying Painting and Decorating students at Middlesbrough College.

The three girls have all been learners of the month and have been described by tutor Ed Hall as “stand out students.”

Ellie Jones, a Level 1 Painting and Decorating student said “I really enjoy the course; I like learning and doing different things. We all get our own project wall and can try out different things.

“I especially enjoy doing marbling and rag rolling. The course is really practical and fun!”

Adele Oliver, a Level 1 Painting and Decorating student said “The course is so creative, I especially enjoy creating my own patterns as you really have to pay attention to detail.

“I don’t understand why people would think this is a course for boys, it’s for both! All the tutors are really good and are very supportive.”

Paris, a Level 3 Painting and Decorating student said “My favourite part of the course is learning about decorative effects. I really enjoy it as it allows me to be more creative.

“I would like to work in interior design after I have finished my course and become self-employed. The tutors are really good; if you work hard they reward you.”

Ed Hall said “historically here at Middlesbrough College the girls I have taught painting and decorating to have displayed a good understanding of colour and are creative.

“They have more advanced skills during the first year of the course, such as self-assessing their work and preparing surfaces to a very high standard. This gives them a solid foundation to progress and be successful within the industry.”

“Ellie, Adele and Paris all have such an eye for detail and know how to use colours well. It’s not an easy trade to get right but they have a natural flair for it. They are stand out students. “

If you would like to find out more and apply for the Painting and Decorating course at Middlesbrough College click here. 

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