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Sara Mirsalehi

Sara Mirsalehi

College Governor

Sub Committee: Corporate Services (Vice Chair)

Link Governor for Equality and Diversity and serves on the Equality and Diversity Committee

Sara arrived in the UK in 2003 and is an ex-student of the former Middlesbrough College, where she completed Access course to HE, which was the stepping stone for her successful First-Class BA Degree in Criminology with Law at Teesside University. She chose to live in Middlesbrough and is proud to call it ‘home’. She is a keen advocate of promoting social justice and raising the aspirations of young people in Middlesbrough and beyond.

In her current role as an operations manager of a leading youth charity, LINX, she works closely with a wide range of key strategic and non-strategic local stakeholders with shared interests which gives her an in-depth understanding about young peoples’ needs and challenges they are facing, not only around their learning and education but also their social and personal development.  Her ambition is to ensure the young people’s voices in Middlesbrough are heard locally and nationally to ensure that their educational, financial and health needs are met. She believes every young person, despite their starting point in life, has the potential to succeed.

She is a trustee at the award-winning charity ‘Halo’ and plays a pivotal role in raising the profile of the great work Halo projects deliver for BAME women. Sara has more than 10 years’ experience working with a diverse group, including vulnerable individuals in marginalised communities, refugees and asylum seekers, young people within the prison service, engaging with voluntary and public sector organisations to bring effective change.