Zoe Lewis standing on a balcony on the street

Zoe Lewis

Principal & Chief Executive

Zoe, formerly Deputy Principal, took over the role as Principal / Chief Executive of Middlesbrough College on 26th September 2013.Zoe is Middlesbrough College’s first female Principal / Chief Executive and is driving forward the College's commitment to enhance the region's economic competitiveness through directly aligning the College’s offer to the skills required by employers.That vision includes ensuring Middlesbrough College – with a turnover of £55m – delivers first class education and training to over 15,000 students of many different starting points, and ensures all our courses reflect the needs and requirements of employers across the region.To help realise this vision, the College has worked in partnership with others to invest in local priority areas such as a £20m scheme expanding STEM facilities, £10m into new T level and digital / construction facilities and courses, £3m into a University Centre as part of the NE Institute of Technology and has expanded our work with employers across all areas of the economy. In spring 2024 we look forward to opening a new centre for TTE on our Middlehaven campus, cementing our position as the largest provider of technical education in the area.Zoe said: “It’s a really exciting time for Middlesbrough College and I couldn’t work with a more dedicated, committed and talented team. “I’m looking forward to leading the College to the next level, through delivering these ambitious investment plans, listening carefully to employers and community needs and ultimately ensuring our students receive a high class and fully rounded educational and training experience, to position them ahead in this competitive jobs market. “Zoe is no stranger to expansion and achievement - she led the £70m capital project that saw the College built at Middlehaven back in 2008. She was also voted the most inspirational female leader in the country working in further education, by the Women’s Leadership Network.