Ashley Coleman

Ashley Coleman-Cooke

College Governor - Vice Chair of Governors

Sub Committees: Audit and Risk (Vice Chair); Curriculum and Standards (Chair until 28 February 2022), Remuneration (Vice Chair); Search and Governance (Vice Chair)

Link Governor for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, including Apprenticeships and Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Ashley was appointed on 25 March 2013 having initially served as an External Member of the Curriculum and Standards Committee.

As a Chartered Chemical Engineer with both sales and marketing experience, Ashley has had over 30 years’ experience working in a range of technical and commercial roles for both small and large companies, latterly in the Chemical Industry on Teesside.

Ashley has always had a passion for bridging the communication divide between IT and Marketing. Core areas of expertise are related to business strategy development, value delivery, change management, marketing, and sales.

Ashley now advises SME companies in taking full advantage of the internet as an additional marketing and sales channel opportunity.

Ashley was elected as the Vice Chair of Governors from the 1 August 2016.