Andrea Waller-Amos standing against a white wall

Andrea Waller-Amos

Executive Director of Student Recruitment, Marketing and Admissions

Andrea joined the Governing Body on the 14 December 2015 as Staff Governor (Business Support) and is also a member of the Corporate Services Committee.

Andrea is the Executive Director of Student Recruitment, Marketing and Admissions and has been with the College since 2014. With a background in regional recruitment, Andrea moved into Further Education over fourteen years ago starting as the Assistant Director of Student Recruitment at Darlington College and then re-training within the field of Marketing to combine the role of Recruitment and Marketing in 2008.

During her time within education she has been responsible for Student Support, Marketing, Public Relations and Student Recruitment. Andrea is passionate about lifelong learning and feels that giving people the opportunity to learn, train and up skill can increase confidence and transform lives.