College Management Structure

Middlesbrough College's Management Team is made up of experienced professionals, each committed to working together to provide an excellent service for our students.

College Management Team

Zoe Lewis standing on a balcony on the street

Zoe Lewis

Ben Robinson stood on a balcony

Ben Robinson

Ollie Rodley

Ollie Rodley

  • Vice Principal Quality & Performance
Aimey Adamson on balcony

Aimey Adamson

Mike Russell

  • Vice Principal, Finance & Registry
Paul Watt standing against a white wall

Paul Watt

  • Assistant Principal – Curriculum (Digital, Arts, Sports & Services)
Jessica Barwell stood on a balcony

Jessica Barwell

Carolyn Yule with MC6 building

Carolyn Yule

Phil Blewitt

Phil Blewitt

  • Assistant Principal Engineering, Construction and TTE Technical
Kelly Parkinson standing against a white wall

Kelly Parkinson

  • Group Director Human Resources
Sara Marshall standing against a white wall

Sara Marshall

Matt Telling stood in front of a white wall

Matthew Telling

Andrea Waller-Amos standing against a white wall

Andrea Waller-Amos

Paul Stone standing against a white wall

Paul Stone

James Wells

James Wells

  • Director of Digital Innovation & Support
Rich Shuttleworth

Rich Shuttleworth

Paul Moody standing against a white wall

Paul Moody

Jo Fields

Joanne Fields

  • Director of Student Services
Tamara Pierce

Tamara Pierce

  • Associate Director of Teaching & Learning