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Callum Hemsworth

June 21, 2023
Callum Hemsworth

Callum Hemsworth joined Middlesbrough college in September and has gone from strength to strength! At this year’s student awards ceremonies, he has picked up an award for Outstanding Achievement for Construction Trade Occupations and the award for Coaches Player of the Year for the Volleyball Sports Academy.

He said, “I chose to come to Middlesbrough College because the course looked good and when I found out about the Volleyball Academy, I knew I wanted to join.

“My course has been great so far, there is a variety of content, which keeps things interesting, and the teachers have been so supportive and made the transition from school easier. I’ve found that I’ve not struggled much with the workload because of this.”

“When I first started at the College I knew I wanted to try out the Volleyball Academy, but wasn’t sure where to go, but the staff at the Gym helped to me to apply.

“Volleyball was a new sport to me when I started at the College. I had always had an interest and wanted to try it out, but there was never much of an opportunity for me to do so until I came here.

“The coaches have been brilliant. I originally found the sport quite difficult to learn and practice, but because of their help I’ve been able to make major improvements and even made the starting team at nationals!

“The coaches know what they’re doing, and their approach is very personalised. If I make a mistake or I’m not doing something right, they will spot it straight away and correct me.”

CourseEntry Level Construction

Sports Academy: Volleyball