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The sky’s the limit! RAF success for Middlesbrough College student Josh 

22 Apr 2021
Josh Jackson

17 year-old Level 2 Aviation student, Josh Jackson has been offered a full time position in the Royal Air Force after completing a rigorous and competitive recruitment process. 

Josh, who has always dreamed of a career in the RAF, has been selected for training in the Logistics and Equipment team after completing four intensive interviews and tests. This success is expected to stand him in good stead for a fantastic career in the RAF.  

Exemplary student Josh will be joining the RAF Halton on Tuesday 27th April for his basic training. 
Josh said: “I’m so excited to start my training at the RAF! I’ve always wanted to do this and I can’t believe that it is happening.  
“After I’ve completed my training and done three years’ service I will have the opportunity to travel and work abroad which is something I’m excited about.  
“I can’t thank Middlesbrough College enough for all their support. My tutors are excellent and very supportive. I’m from Thirsk and I decided to travel to Middlesbrough College as the College is renowned for their Aviation courses. My course definitely helped me to succeed in the RAF interviews!  
“The skills and knowledge I have gained from studying here have helped me to achieve my dreams and have provided me a route straight to the exciting career I wanted. I’m excited for my future!” 
Do you have dreams of flying high in the RAF? Take a look at our Aviation courses! We are accepting applications to study with us this September.

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