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Elizabeth Smart

August 18, 2023
Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart, aged 17, has secured a spot on Northumbria University’s Sport Business Management degree course after studying A level sociology, BTEC business and BTEC sport in the A-level mix it up scheme. 

“I chose the mix it up course because it allowed me to learn a broad range of things across the different subjects,” says Elizabeth. “Now I have a variety of skills and knowledge to help me choose my career path.”

Elizabeth describes the teaching staff at Middlesbrough College as warm and welcoming. “They helped to build my confidence,” she adds. “Along with the flexibility of the learning on offer, which meant I could fit in my studies around part-time work, overall it’s been a great way to set me up for higher education.”

Course: Mix it up programme including A level Sociology, B-TEC business, BTEC sport.