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Maria Pienczewska

June 16, 2022
Maria Pienczewska

“I’ve really enjoyed studying at Middlesbrough College. The College is a brilliant community to be part of. My tutors are supportive of me and have allowed me to explore my creativity and develop my skills. I would definitely recommend studying here.

“The Fashion Business and Communication course at Middlesbrough College is excellent. It’s a very creative course and has opened lots of doors for future careers. My favourite part of the course has been the final project. The project allowed us to have creative freedom and choose our own topic. I decided to create my own garments using recycled materials. I used a range of re-used materials to help design the pieces and encouraged body positivity by using a range of models to showcase the garments. This is something I feel really passionate about and it was fantastic that Middlesbrough College gave me the opportunity to create this. I loved every moment of putting the project together!”

Course: Level 3 Fashion, Business and Communication

Previous School: Trinity Catholic College