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Gabrielle Haley

January 28, 2021
Gabrielle Haley

We caught up with alumni student Gabrielle Haley who studied the BSc (Hons) Sound and Music Technology degree programme at Middlesbrough College back in 2014. Now, Gabrielle is the Co-founder and Director of an Audio post-production company based in Edinburgh.

“I really enjoyed studying the BSc (Hons) Sound and Music Technology course at Middlesbrough College. The course is well rounded and it allowed me to cover many different areas within the audio industry.

“I would recommend studying for your degree at Middlesbrough College! The facilities are professional and well maintained to keep up to date with current software and hardware in use in within the industry. 

“The quality of the teaching on my degree programme was exceptional, all the tutors were extremely knowledgeable within their areas of focus, meaning there was always someone I could turn to for guidance and advice when needed. Whenever I was struggling, I felt comfortable to seek help in order to get back on track.

“I am currently the Co-founder and Director of an audio post-production company based in Edinburgh, working on a variety of different types of projects. Currently my ambitions are to take the company onto bigger and better things and to branch off into different audio software development.

“I believe my background in music technology has helped me immensely, it has allowed me to be involved in events and projects within different disciplines due to my broad knowledge of audio processes and technology which I gained whilst studying the course. It has also given me the confidence to experiment and further develop my skills whenever possible.
“If you want to pursue a career in the music and audio industry then the degree course at Middlesbrough College gives you a great starting block to really discover where your passion lies and allows you to develop it as much as you want.

“The degree course allowed me to discover my love for audio post-production, when it was previously an industry I didn’t really know anything about or have any experience with. I enjoyed the journey from wanting to focus on live sound to realising I have a love for audio post-production, I truly believe that every aspect of the course covered has helped and continues to help me within the industry I work today. I loved the variety of different modules which gave you practical skills as well as technology and software-based skills which are 100% transferable to any area of focus.

“I decided to continue studying at Middlesbrough College for my degree after completing my Level 3 programme with the College. I had heard positive things from people I knew who had studied the degree before me and I could tell it would be a smaller cohort compared to other institutions which had a very large amount of students on each year, which I felt would allow me to get a better learning experience as I would have more one to one opportunities with lecturers and better access to equipment when needed.

“After I successfully completed my degree I decided to further my studies and apply for a MSc (master’s degree) in Sound Design at The University of Edinburgh. The learning I had received at Middlesbrough College gave me a great start when beginning my new studies. 

“I am now in the early stages of a deeper focus into game audio- it is an industry and platform I find really enjoyable and challenging. I’m really excited about further broadening my knowledge base!”

Course: BSc (Hons) Sound and Music Technology