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Abigayle Welcome

May 16, 2023
Abigayle Welcome

We caught up with ex Fashion Retail student Abigayle Welcome!

Abigayle originally came to Middlesbrough College to study Catering and Hospitality, but quickly realised it wasn’t for her and changed to Fashion Retail instead. She decided to come to Middlesbrough College after attending a taster day, where she got to experience life at the College for the first time.

“I’ve always had an interest in fashion and I’m very creative, so Fashion Retail seemed like the right choice. It helps that I’m obsessed with clothes!”

“I really enjoyed the Fashion Retail course at College, I loved learning about all the different aspects of the fashion industry, and it gave me a great foundation for progressing onto my fashion degree. I especially enjoyed the variety the course offered, which allowed me to try out lots of different things, and ultimately led me to discover my passion for textiles.

“Throughout my course, I received lots of support. My tutors were wonderful and I’m still in touch with some of them today.

“A personal highlight of studying at Middlesbrough College was the sense of achievement I got from my end of year projects. We got lots of freedom when it came to our final projects, I chose to do a magazine based around sustainable fashion where I upcycled lots of clothes. It was a very rewarding experience when it all came together.”

After completing her studies at Middlesbrough College, Abigayle moved on to study a degree in Fashion at Teesside University, where she will graduate in the summer.

Before graduating Abigayle will take part in an end of year fashion show where she will be showcasing her fashion collection as part of her final project.

She said: “The collection is intended to spread awareness and acceptance of autism and it is very personal to me as I am autistic myself. I hope the collection is able to address some of the stigma around autism and I’d love to do more work around this in the future.”

Abigayle is planning to continue at the University to complete her Master’s and in the future she would love to become a freelance designer and even own her own business where she can continue to spread awareness of autism.

Course: Fashion Business and Communications