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Phil Sharp

Phil Sharp

College Governor

Sub Committee: Corporate Services

Link Governor for International/TTE

Phil was appointed on the 23rd March 2020, and is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with over 40 years’ experience in the Chemical and Petrochemical industries, 30 years of which were as an expatriate throughout the world, with over half of that being spent in South East Asia.

Phil has held positions at Vice President and President/CEO levels in large, multi-national Joint Ventures in both Asia and Africa.

He is an experienced negotiator at the highest level in both the private sector (Board level) and the public sector (Ministerial level), is passionate about HES, and has a proven track record of nationalisation of workforces.  He is knowledgeable about all functions within commercial and industrial companies.

Phil’s experience of education has been based on leading the localisation of local staff – taking people from rural environments and training them to become technicians and future leaders of companies and found this to provide some of the most rewarding experiences of his career.

Until recently, Phil served as a Governor and non-Executive of the TTE group of companies, having been first a customer who employed them to provide training as part of localisation programmes. This experience ensures Phil has a unique insight into the outcomes expected by companies of TTE and he is the link governor for TTE.

He is now a Consultant to businesses, utilising his experience to help new and established companies develop, change and move forward.

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