Middlesbrough College HE delivery plan from September 2020 

In order to ensure the safety of our students and staff during the current health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are making the following adjustments to our planned delivery of courses from September 2020. The following adjustments are based upon feedback from our students and staff and current government guidance.


On-campus delivery

Wherever possible, we will be delivering a proportion of your course on-campus. To ensure safe working conditions, we will follow the government guidance in place at the time regarding social distancing and sanitising resources. To ensure the safety of the whole College community and in order to reduce the number of interactions with different groups of people (and the demands on public transport), you will only be required to attend College on one day per week. The proportion of your course that will be delivered on campus will depend upon course content and the need to access specialist equipment/sessions in person.

Should there be a further period of lockdown or amendments to rules concerning social distancing imposed by the government, the extent to which on-campus delivery is possible, may need to be reviewed. In such an eventuality the College has contingency plans in place to manage the transition to digital learning.


Digital delivery

All courses will include some digital delivery. The proportion of your course that will be delivered through digital platforms, will vary according to the subject and the extent to which you will require access to specialist equipment in person. You will need the use of a computer/tablet and internet connection in order to engage in digital learning. Please speak to a member of your Programme Team if you have any questions about equipment including the College’s assisted purchase scheme.


What will not alter

The College is not currently planning to alter any of the following aspects of the programmes of study that it offers;

·         Course content

·         Course length*

·         Course fees/cost

·         Assessment method*

·         Location of study

* In the event of a significant change in government guidance, it may be necessary to review these aspects of individual courses. Any such action will only take place if absolutely necessary and in full consultation with our students, validating partners and external examiners.


Time scales

The delivery plan outlined above will be applied during Term 1. We will monitor the changing situation carefully during this period and adapt our plans for Term 2 accordingly. Any changes we make to the delivery model from Term 2 onwards, will be communicated to you as soon as the position becomes clear.