Engineering enthusiast helps students sing their way to success

Middlesbrough College Staff

Tim Ong

Tim Ong, Access to HE Engineering Tutor at Middlesbrough College, thinks outside the box to teach his students key theories in physics. 

From memorable songs to live performances, Tim has produced a range of interactive lessons to help students understand more complex theories.   

“I try to make my classes interactive and have some go-to lessons that seem to really help students understand and remember intricate details. I found this method of teaching was really useful, even in my early days of teaching. “

Tim's career in engineering first took off when he was awarded a sponsorship from Rolls Royce to study Mechanical Engineering. After graduating, Tim snapped up the chance to join their team designing nuclear reactors for submarines, something rarely associated with the Rolls Royce brand! 

He later joined the Royal Naval College to study for his Masters in the Act of Physics where he often found himself teaching fellow students some of the content from lectures. It was at this point Tim found his talent and passion for teaching.

“I really enjoy the challenge of trying to communicate complex concepts in a simple way, seeing that lightbulb moment from people is priceless.”

Tim joined the Engineering team at Middlesbrough College in 2013 and soon developed a series of interactive lessons that included sing along sessions and caricatures to help students remember important principles in physics. 

“I explain algebraic transposition through a lesson titled ‘when onions break up’ and ask students to answer four mathematical equations to help solve a murder.”

One of Tim’s previous students, James Baker, recently contacted the College to thank Tim for inspiring him to get into teaching.

“My rendition of ‘Fly Me to The Moon’ to explain the pendulum theory motivated James to teach, comments like that I will never forget.” 

Outside of the classroom, Tim is a keen fitness enthusiast who likes to keep active when he has time, but never steers too far away from his true passion of physics!