Kendall Wrightson

Higher Education Co-Ordinator

Middlesbrough College Staff Profiles

"I began my career as an electronic engineering apprentice. In my first year I built a synthesiser from a kit, and when I first turned it on, I felt a deep connection with the sound of the filter sweep: it was a transformative moment  - I ‘knew’ at that moment my life was somehow about that sound.”

"When I finished my apprenticeship and an HNC in Electronics in 1983, I moved to London, and started an HND in Electronics for the Music Industry, unique at the time. I left the course after a year as I was offered a job at a company called Syco Systems, which was the exclusive distributor for electronic musical instruments like the Fairlight CMI. At the time this kit cost over 20k, but these days you can download iPhone apps that perform the same functions!

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Syco and it led me into freelance work with artists I really loved like David Sylvian and Tom Robinson. It was also around this time I moved into music technology journalism, writing for publications like Sound On Sound and Audio Media.

"In 1989 I took a year out to work on a farm in Suffolk. I returned to London and continued writing until 1991 when I was asked to teach music tech at London Guildhall University. I was at LGU for the next 11 years as a Senior and then Principal Lecturer during which time I completed an MSc in Music Information Technology at City University, wrote my first Music Technology degree programme and moonlighted at City Uni teaching acoustic ecology.

"In 2002 I decided to move back to the North East - it was brilliant to return to my roots and raise my daughters as northerners! Once settled in Darlington, I called Teesside University regarding any job vacancies for their Music Tech programmes which were delivered at Middlesbrough College, and I’ve been here at the College ever since!”

“During my first few years up here, I completed an MSc in Consciousness & Transpersonal Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University. Transpersonal Psychology is essentially the psychology of spiritual experience and I’d been involved experientially since hearing that synthesiser sound all those years ago! This activity led to an involvement with the transpersonal section of the British Psychological Society as treasurer and conference organiser.

“I’ve been involved with HE at the College since I first arrived here, bringing together a Music Tech team and developing HE programmes. For the past 18 months my role has changed and I work in the HE Office supporting HE across the college as we develop our relationships with the OU and Pearson. It’s been an extraordinary experience - I’m lucky to work with a lot of extraordinarily lovely colleagues!

“Outside of College I like to write, record music and walk - there’s so much amazing nature up here.”