January 2023 Examination Results

Results for the following awarding bodies will be emailed to students on the following dates:

OCR – 15th March 2023

NCFE (Health and Social Care – Short Answer Exam) – 23rd March 2023

Pearson (BTEC) – 23rd March 2023

Post Result Services

Service 1: Clerical Re-Check

This service will include the following checks:

  • That all parts of the script have been marked
  • The totalling of marks
  • The recording of marks

Service 2: Review of Marking

This is a post-results review of the original marking to ensure that the mark scheme has been applied correctly.

A marking error can occur because of:

  • An administrative error
  • A failure to apply the mark scheme where a task has only a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer'
  • An unreasonable exercise of academic judgement 

Service 3a: Priority Access to Script

A copy of your script to help you decide whether to apply for a review of marking.

Service 3b: ATS Copy of Script

 Your original exam script is returned to you. If you apply for a review of marking and would also like a copy of your script, you must request this at the same time as the review of marking.

Consent (Please complete via Forms below)

You must sign the relevant candidate consent and return to the College before an application for post results services can be made.


Payments should be made to the college before an application can be made these can be made by telephoning 01642 333313 or by calling into the college and paying at student services.

Deadline and Fees

The deadline for requesting any for the services are detailed below:

 Post-results services                        Deadline                OCR           Pearson (BTEC)    NCFE    
 Service 1 (clerical re-check) 10th April 2023   £14.00  £11.90  £5.00
Service 2 (Review of marking) 10th April 2023   £54.25  £42.40  £45.00
Service 3a: ATS Copy of script to
support review of marking 
10th April 2023*  £14.75   FREE  N/A
Service 3b: ATS Copy of script to
support teaching and learning  
10th April 2023    £14.00  FREE  N/A


*Pearson (BTEC) have a free ATSC portal – script viewer and scripts can be viewed from the day of results providing consent has been given


Please complete the relevant forms below if you wish to access any of the above Post Result Services. Please note you can only complete these forms by logging into your college account.

For any queries, please email examresults@mbro.ac.uk.