As a full-time student at Middlesbrough College, you’ll have access to a range of state-of-the-art study facilities designed to prepare you for future employment in your chosen industry. 

Leaving school and thinking of studying one of our hair and beauty courses? You’ll train in one of our seven, state of the art professionally equipped salons.

Here you will be trained to the highest standards in all the latest techniques and treatments!

Have your sights set on stardom? As a performing arts and music student, you’ll have access to our amazing 156 seat commercial theatre with full sound and lighting capabilities plus our many modern rehearsal rooms. For budding music professionals, we have three recording students connected to five controls rooms, of which the largest can hold an orchestra and two are equipped for surround sound.

The STEM Centre embeds industrial competencies and behaviours into your training, allowing you to experience a real work environment and become job ready when you leave Middlesbrough College. If you’re thinking of studying subjects such as engineering, applied science or logistics, you may access this facility to learn practical skills such as health and safety which complement your theoretical study. You’ll be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and act professionally when working on site, just like you would in industry!

Our catering & hospitality students have the opportunity to work in a realistic working environment within the College’s Waterside Brasserie Restaurant which is open to the public. It is widely renowned for its top quality but inexpensive menus and all food in the restaurant is prepared and served by our students in one of our five fully equipped industrial kitchens. We also have a number of practical demonstration theatres and kitchens for students to learn in and are continuing to work with Michelin star chef Frances Atkins who supports the College in delivering first class training.

If you see yourself working in a hospital or care home in the future our realistic health ward is perfect for you! This fantastic facility allows students to learn best practice in a work-based environment, including hygiene.

Part of a Boeing 757 aircraft was salvaged by Tees Valley specialists, Sycamore Aviation and installed in Middlesbrough College to create a life-like training environment for the aviation and travel and tourism students. So if you’re an aspiring jet setter who would love to travel the world as part of your job, you’ll get the opportunity to train in our fantastic on-site mock plane fuselage complete with seats, drinks and duty-free trolleys and emergency life jackets to simulate life on board an airliner.