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Parent's Toolkit for supporting study

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Supporting you to support them better

Meet Jon Tait, a seasoned educational leader and College Governor at Middlesbrough College. He has created a resource for parents and guardians to support their child during their studies. 

With an extensive experience in school management and teacher training, Jon’s innovative approach to education has earned him recognition as a leading voice on school improvement. He is also a prolific author and speaker, sharing his expertise with educators worldwide.  

‘From the Sidelines’ empowers parents and guardians with the knowledge and tools to support their child’s learning through a combination of expert insights, concise ‘Study Hack’ videos, and in-depth ‘Podcast Episodes’, fostering academic success and unlocking every child’s potential. 

The current resources available include how to create a study space, the dangers of distractions, and The Pomodoro Technique and knowing when to have a break.

Jon Tait

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