Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, international wireless (Wi-Fi) service available to all staff and students at Middlesbrough College.  

All eduroam usernames start with your college username and finish with ''.

When setting up eduroam, you must enter the username in the format '', where 'itaccount' is your IT account name.

For example, if your college username is 'M1234567', your eduroam username is ''.

This applies to all students and staff, M/MC/TR numbers.

For the purposes of eduroam, a student’s email account of '' will not work, '' is needed.

How to connect to eduroam on a phone, laptop or tablet

1.       Access your Wi-Fi settings on your device.

2.       Scan for available networks. Once “eduroam” has been discovered, connect to this.

3.       This should pop up with a box asking for a username and password. Your username is as mentioned above (M******* and the password is the one you use to log into a college PC.

4.       Some devices require an extra “certificate” field. If this is the case, select “Do Not Validate”.



As well as being available at Middlesbrough College, eduroam can also be used at any available institutions around the world wherever the ‘eduroam’ wireless network is available. This is particularly useful on University open days.

View the list of available sites with eduroam in the UK

eduroam is particularly convenient for smart phone and tablet users. Using eduroam, you don't need to type in your username and password every time you access the network. You only need to set up your device once, and then you can log in automatically wherever the eduroam network is available.


Further information:

Middlesbrough College is fully operational for home and visited services meaning Eduroam can be accessed in other eduroam enabled sites. 

View the eduroam policy

Middlesbrough College Eduroam