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Colleges Week 2024

We’re celebrating Colleges week, 26th February – 1st March 2024

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With a general election looming, 2024 is set to be a defining year for the country and for the further education sector. As a result, Colleges Week is taking place 26th February – 1st March.

The focus of Colleges Week this year is to influence both the short and long term political landscape. Whoever the next government is, it is important they focus on ensuring colleges play an even bigger role in and include, tolerant, welcoming, strong society and a growing and productive economy.

The campaign has a focus on engaging key stakeholders with different actions, including student-led hustings, voter registration drives and engaging politicians. Colleges Week will continue to shout about the incredible work by colleges in the UK and celebrating the student success.

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5 key actions for this week

Engage local MPs and politicians

In March, Middlesbrough College will be hosting a hustings with the Tees Valley Mayoral Election candidates.

Spark students' interest in College

We are encouraging our students to become more involved with politics and making their voice heard. Read the blog post here.

Secure local media coverage

To expand our reach beyond campus, we want to actively encourage local media outlets to amplify Colleges Week.

Promote on social media

This week, we will be using #LoveOurColleges to share inspiring stories from Middlesbrough College.

Reach out to local organisations

We’ll engage local organisations, highlighting strong employer ties, to boost the Colleges Week messages.

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