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Tina Grace

October 6, 2022
Tina Grace

Meet Tina Grace, Northern Skills Training Recruitment Consultant

Tina has been a part of the team since Middlesbrough College Group acquired the apprenticeship training department of the NECC in 2016, renaming the apprenticeship and training arm Northern Skills.

Tina says: “I previously worked abroad as an overseas representative, eventually settling in Cancun, where I worked for a business promoting tourism to British Travel Agencies. I would travel to new places, opening offices and creating business contacts for the company. In 2005 Hurricane Wilma hit Cancun and devastated the resort, the tourism as well as the apartment I was living in and so I had 2 choices – my employer could send me to Hawaii to promote business over there or I could return to the North East. Looking back, it sounds mad, but I really missed my family and so a “temporary” visit back home was what I chose.

“I started working within training in 2008 upon returning to the UK. I was very open and honest during my interview, where I explained that I would only be looking to stay for 1 year …14 years later I am still here! I think that speaks volumes about how much I really like my job and the team I work with. Initially, I started as Short Courses Co-ordinator and then moved into the role of a Training Recruitment Consultant for apprenticeships.”

Mostly focussing on attracting good quality applicants and responding to employers in the Dental Nursing and Business Administration sectors, Tina stives to create a positive and seamless experience for all involved in the apprenticeship process. Tina covers the Tyne and Wear region of Northern Skills, being based in the Newcastle office most of the working week.

Telling us more, Tina says: “My role is to support people into apprenticeships, specifically within Dental Nursing and Business Administration so I get to speak to a lot of candidates and employers which I very much enjoy. The best part of the job is when a candidate that you have helped and coached is made an offer of apprenticeship employment. It is nice to feel like you have helped them on their way into the start of their careers.

“The team around me are amazing, supportive and I always find myself laughing – with them not at them of course! If you’re thinking of applying for a role within Middlesbrough College Group, would say run for the hill unless you are mad like us, in which case you will fit right in!”

Even whilst raising twin daughters, Tina has done a brilliant job at providing meaningful support to both potential learners, apprentices and employers, ensuring all involved with Northern Skills have the best experience possible.

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